LU Construction has been doing inspired kitchen remodels in California for more than 35 years. Our experienced kitchen remodeling designers will help you design your model kitchen. Our  kitchen designers will provide valuable information about the kitchen remodeling process.

Please view some of our completed kitchen remodel pictures below, and give us a call or email to schedule an appointment with one of our Kitchen designers.

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Bricks, Blocks, Stones & Tiles.

Masonry can enhance every sort of setting. For example a brick wall, a stone wall, or even a flight of concrete steps, are all beautiful, affordable, and durable and can create a big change on your property. Bricks, blocks, stones, and tiles come in more colors, textures, shapes and sizes than any other kind of building material; concrete can be formed and finished to suit any design and any dimensions you can imagine. And while the brick, blocks, and tiles range from high price to a highly expensive budget, the most adaptable form of masonry/concrete is generally recognized as the world’s lowest-cost building material.




Above all though, masonry is permanent. The materials require little, if any, attention to stay in perfect condition once they are installed, and they are easy to repair or restore when they do suffer damage. They are fireproof, rustproof, pest proof and more resistant to sun, salt, spray and air pollutants than most substance. Masonry structures are exceptionally strong, able to bear the great weight that presses inward on them. While they are not so sturdy against stresses that tend to bend or stretch them, this weakness is easily remedied by various forms of metal reinforcement. Steel mesh gives concrete slabs enough strength to serve as driveways, and steel rods provide bonding for the concrete within block, stone, and brick walls. Light weight footings, designed to hold low walls or barbeque fireplaces, do not usually require any reinforcing

Payment Options


*Max charge of $13,000 per customer
** On approved credit.
Tems and conditions apply.




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