Hunting for the perfect kitchen design can be exciting and yet frustrating. We understand this and have put together pictures of several beautiful kitchens to help encourage people in their quest to find what’s best for their homes. At the end of this page there are links where you can go on to find the kinds of quality kitchen items we show pictured here. Happy hunting and good luck!

Remember to note the elements you like best about these kitchen pictures to help you figure out what it is you like best. Kitchens are like fingerprints, each one is unique!

If you need to see something a little more concrete or you are overwhelmed with options; remember you can always check out some kitchen design centers in your area. Bring in a few pictures of what you like from below and they will work with you to figure out how to get it. 


Traditional Kitchens

These kitchens have very traditional wood cabinetry and stone and/or wood counters. This is often the first thing people think of when they think “kitchen.” It is a classic way to redesign a kitchen and it has a long lifespan. Often if you go with a more traditional look it will stay stylish longer and does not need quite as much done to freshen its look later.


Modern Kitchens

All of the kitchens in this section have a similar theme- appliances are all stainless steel, cabinets are smooth, and lines are clean. Horizontal cabinetry and glass/acrylic doors are also popular new ways to add style to your kitchen, especially if you add stainless steel hardware. These tricks make for a very modern looking kitchen.


Eclectic Kitchens

Generally, these kitchens are similar to traditional kitchens; however they incorporate aspects of color and design that make them a little different. They can have a specific theme or even just an original style of cabinetry. Often there is something that stands out such as a vibrant backsplash or island. Sometimes the look is achieved by combining different textures like a blackboard, metal, and wood.



  • According to the survey, the most trendy kitchen style is green with 87.2% of the vote.
  • The trendiest cabinetry is stainless steel with 80% of the vote.
  • According to the survey, the trendiest flooring material is reclaimed wood with 80% of the vote.
  • The trendiest faucet option is the pullout spray with 83% of the vote.
  • According to the survey, the trendiest refrigeration finish is metal with 92.6% of the vote.
  • The trendiest cooking option is an induction cook top with 85% of the vote.
  • According to the survey, the trendiest kitchen island is using an island as a table with 70.4% of the vote.



  • According to national remodeling statistics, the bathroom is the second most popularly remodeled room in the house after the kitchen.
  • 2009 Cost vs. Value Report Statistics – Average Nationwide Return on Investment: Bathroom Remodel – 71.0% 


Have It Your Way

It's your house. Customize it with products that let you tailor how you cook, cool, and clean up.



Your Height Mirror

Your viewpoint matters most in front of the shaving mirror. Ginger's Columnar adjustable vanity mirror can be set to any height that suits along its 14-inch-long, wall-mounted bracket



Get the Fridge You Want

To configure the unit you desire, think modular. Liebherr's Flexible Fridges let you mix and match zones with 24-inch-wide towers that function as a refrigerator, a freezer, or a stacked combo freezer/wine cooler.]\



Multitasking Sink

Sinks with integral accessories like drain grids and cutting boards all in one tidy area are a growing trend. Order Franke's 34-inch-wide Culinary Work Center with a removable tempered-glass cutting board, drain tray, lock-in colander, pull-down faucet, in-the-counter knife block and food scale (not shown), plus custom wall rails designed to accept bins and bowls



The difference between a dull or dramatic kitchen remodel can be found in the smallest details. While most homeowners dream of high-end cabinets and luxury appliances, the kitchen designer’s secret weapon is often the use of creative tile design, as showcased in these kitchen remodeling examples below. Kitchen tile - used in floors or walls - can really make a difference.


The Distinctive and Stylish Natural Stone and Tile Design Gallery

Think about creating different kitchen tile patterns on your countertop and backsplash. The combination of creative tile designs and colors can have a fantastic impact on your overall room design.


Tile & Stone, the Foundation for Memorable Spaces

A unique way to make your kitchen remodel truly distinctive is stone. It will give your room an instant classic touch and a great upscale feel (Pictures courtesy of Eldorado Stone).


The kitchen has always been the core or heart of the home, where magic begins as families gather, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Looking for the perfect kitchen design to make this special place even more welcoming and memorable may not always be an easy task. When remodeling your kitchen remember that small touches can make a huge difference to your overall design concept. One such touch is to add impressive, artistic, beautiful murals and accents that give your kitchen a new look and spirit. These hand made and innovative top quality designs from StoneImpressions ( Company will help you remodel your kitchen into something more then just a working space. The Landscape, Still Life, Old World, Flowers & Plants, Japanese Prints and Wild Life design concepts presented in the above gallery will open up new design vistas for you enabling you to make the right choice for your own unique and personal kitchen remodeling project.

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