Have It Your Way

It's your house. Customize it with products that let you tailor how you cook, cool, and clean up.



Your Height Mirror

Your viewpoint matters most in front of the shaving mirror. Ginger's Columnar adjustable vanity mirror can be set to any height that suits along its 14-inch-long, wall-mounted bracket



Get the Fridge You Want

To configure the unit you desire, think modular. Liebherr's Flexible Fridges let you mix and match zones with 24-inch-wide towers that function as a refrigerator, a freezer, or a stacked combo freezer/wine cooler.]\



Multitasking Sink

Sinks with integral accessories like drain grids and cutting boards all in one tidy area are a growing trend. Order Franke's 34-inch-wide Culinary Work Center with a removable tempered-glass cutting board, drain tray, lock-in colander, pull-down faucet, in-the-counter knife block and food scale (not shown), plus custom wall rails designed to accept bins and bowls




Head-Clearing Hood

Got a 5-foot and a 6-foot cook in the house? The motorized vent sleeve of Miele's range hood retracts from a clearance of 28 inches to 40, to prevent head-bumping no matter who’s minding the stove



Compact Cooking

Even tiny kitchens can get a pro-grade cooking center. Ariston's Experience line features a steam oven (no plumbing necessary, since it uses a reservoir), a convection oven, and a warming drawer (not shown)—all 24 inches wide. 



Ergonomic Worktable

An island that rises (and lowers) to the occasion is easier on the back. John Boos's plug-in Electric Ergonomic Grande Workstation lets you adjust its classic butcher-block surface from 30 to 40 inches high with the push of a button.  



Custom Styling

If you have the urge to show off your creative flair in your kitchen, consider a vent hood that comes ready to receive your own tile, glass, plaster, or paint, like the one shown from Zephyr. 



Color Me Pretty

Color-match your appliances to your backsplash with BlueStar’s gas range, available in 190 colors. Shown is the 48-inch residential Nova burner (RNB) featuring 22,000 BTUs of cooking power, simmer settings, and an infrared broiler. 



Tricked-Out Shower

Kohler's DTV shower lets you program your ideal water pressure and temperature, chromatherapy, steam, and your favorite tunes with a built in stereo system, all controlled from a LCD screen that can be mounted on the wall. The price for the DTV II (includes the media server, valve and digital interface) is approx. $3,900. The chromatherapy shower panel Ambient Rain is approx. $2,500, and a pair of SoundTile shower speakers is approx. $295;



Payment Options


*Max charge of $13,000 per customer
** On approved credit.
Tems and conditions apply.




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